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I've got a 87 Grand Prix that i've been tooling on for a while. I've finally come to the realization that no matter how much work i do to the 305 it's not cutting it. I've got a complete spohn and eibach suspension under the GP. It handles like a dream and with a few measured adjustments it can be set up for drag racing. I've autocrossed the vehicle with quite a bit of success.

I've built the 305 into a EFI 335 stroker, aluminum heads and manifold to save some weight. It's laying right at 320hp to the rear wheels. I consider it outstanding that the 305 came so far, but it's time fo an upgrade. alot of people have recommended ls1 swaps while the engine is getting cheaper the swap kit is not. so i'm on the fence with that. What would you recommend?

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