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I am planning on buying a 2002 Firebird Trans Am.. I want the maximum horsepower available.. I want to know what modifications I can do and a estimate on the price.

Please no kid answers such as "Turbo it, get a supercharger, use Nos, get a lambo" I need detailed help such as best type of headers.. best exhaust.. flywheel etc.

I plan to make this an investment car as much of my money will be going towards it. Torque is good too.. I would love to pull a few wheelies when I'm bored.

And lastly.. which engine swap is the best.. LS1 or LS6? or do you suggest a different type of motor (5.7li)

Stock trans am pushes 310 horses.. I want atleast 650..

Best answer goes to who ever gives the best suggestions!
I plan to drive it everyday =]

I'm 17 haha
Washington state

Emil - I was asking what are *all* the possible mods I can do for maximum horsepower and torque. I am not limiting the mods to just headers. (lighter flywheel will give faster starts)

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