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I've been thinking about it and studied my car, and it does have enough space for it, however it would be extremely tricky to mount a manual transmission and hook it with the quattro system.

Or I was also thinking this, do a RWD conversion instead, it would be much easier and less weight on the front which would result in possible 50/50 wight ration, as of now with the 1.8t its 60/40

I've noticed the turbo is heavy, so I'm sure a naturally aspirated LS1 would weigh less.

What do you think?

2002 Audi TT 1.8t quattro manual transmission.
WhoElse - I work on my car all the time I know about this stuff lol I can do it myself and my step father we work on cars. Labor is not the problem... parts is the problem lol

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