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I have been looking at fourth gen camaros for a while and i am unable to find any for sale with a manual trans. I was looking more at the 1993-1997 Camaros with the LT1 engine. I was wondering if i could easily swap a manual transmition into it. Would it just require swappting the trans and axle, or do i have to change other things to make it work. Also if i decided to do this, would i have to use a V8 transmission, or could i use a V 6 manual. I have found sevral camaros with V6 and 5 speeds, so if i cant swap the gearbox, i might buy a v6 and supercharge it or something. Which do you thing would be cheaper, swap maunal trans into a LT1, or supercharge a V6? Also is the LS1 a lot better than the LT1? I've always liked the design of the LT1 camaros more than the LS1s.

So my main question is how hard would it be the swap the trans from auto to manual on a LT1 camaro. Any other questions you answer would be appreciated, but not necessary.

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