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Yes I know this is like a sin to GM and Ford fans but...I'm looking into getting a '99-'04 Mustang and swapping the engine, either the v6 or v8 and the transmission for a LS6 and a T-56 Magnum transmission. From the research I have done, the LS1 and LS6 are both 346ci, and i know a LS1 will fit in the Mustang as well as the T-56 transmission (is a direct bolt on, but the cross member from a Cobra may be needed). My research also lead me to see that the with the transmission being longer then the one in the Mustang, the drive shaft would need to be 1'' shorter otherwise the splines on other side are the same. I am also wanting to add a posi differential into the rear end to increase traction. Please don't criticize, I think the Mustang has a better look then the Camaro, but it lacks the power of one, so I'm going to change that....any thoughts?

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