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I have been trying and trying to find a 300zx twin turbo for around $5,500. The ones I have found either have ridiculously high mileage and non working turbos or they are on the market hundreds of miles away and get bought up right away. So staying around that budget I want to maybe purchase a non turbo and put the 5.7L LS1 v8 in it or put a used TT engine in it. How hard wouldeither be to do? Is it worth it? How much would it cost? I wish to run around an 11-12 sec 1/4 mile without nos...how could I do that on a budget? What am looking at spending in total if I swap? Or should I get a high mileage turbo and rebuild it or replace the turbos? How much would that cost including labor...include labor in the swaps too becuase I have no idea how to do that lol. Thanks for your help if anyone know of any great car sites to find Zs let me know. ive been using autotrader, ebay, craigslist,autoextra,automart, intl auto sales...and a couple of others. Any help is cool especailly costs for work

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