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I have a 1985 944 N/A 2.5L...i hardly get 25 mpg out of it and its lacking in the power dept... im aware the chevy LS1 is a popular swap but i don't like the fuel economy of that, considering gas is destined to go back up to where it was (4.50 a gallon *cough*)..id like something efficient with a little more bang than the stock motor...my answer is a V6 most having over 200 hp (beating my 150hp/torque stock power) and still maintaining about 25-30mpg (at least my toyota tacoma does)... so my question is...is there a good RELIABLE, economical, and fairly powerful V6 out there that will fit on my car with the fewest modifications possible and not ruin the perfect 50/50 weight distribution that the car is known for...that can link up with my stock tranny if possible?

please no porsche enthuiast/purist complaining about how i should keep the car "pure".

sorry about the length thanks in advance!!!
i dont want to install the turbo kit cuz the N/A engine isnt designed to take the abuse and upgrading it to take the boost to make 300 hp would cost a fortune for a porsche....and the turbo kit for these things...cheaper than a motor... highly doubt it ...i looked for performance mods a header just a header...1300$
and it would reduce my fuel economy even further.... these 20+ year old engines aren't very efficient....a modern V6 will get better gas mileage and have 50% more power

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