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Ok, from a previous post I have stated that, while my 98 Trans AM has 47k miles on the odometer, the fact that it is a theft recovery with a salvage/rebuilt title and has yellow markings on the LS1 engine (sign of a salvage yard); I guess we can say the engine is salvage.

Now, how would a salvage engine sync with the odometer? The car has no check engine lights and runs pretty good (although after warming up and driving hard the oil pressure will go down from 60psi at startup to like 30).

Also if this is a theft recovery, maybe can we assume that the car was stolen when it was relatively knew? Why would someone steal an LS1 engine in the year 2008 let's say, if there is already an LS6 now. If someone stole this car, then perhaps it was back in 1998, and the owner replaced the engine with an LS1 engine that was around the year the car was stolen and has low miles???

engine bay looks good: really no leaks or noises, so maybe swap was successful many moons ago....

Please, opinions...........

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