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I have a 1992 3.1L Firebird. I just rebuilt the engine after the rings went bad. I have been planning on rebuilding an old 350(5.7L) engine on the side until I could drop it in. I was talking to a guy and he is willing to sell a 350 out of an IROC-Z along with the matching transmission for about $400. He said the transmission is good and the engine ran before it was taken out, but it's been sitting for about 4-5 years. This is fine because I was planning on completely rebuilding it anyways. The guy also has a completely rebuilt LS1 engine out of a Caprice and he is willing to sell it to me for $700 and a matching transmission for another $200. I realize that the LS1 will be a much powerful engine and probably the more favored choice by many people swapping engines, but I want to know how much the entire LS1 conversion would be. I've heard that this conversion can be very expensive. Would buying the engine and transmission for $900 drop the cost by a significant amount to where the whole conversion wouldn't be so bad? Also, I will be doing this myself (along with my dad, and a couple neighbors). I'm not going to buy anything until I go his shop and look at everything for myself. I'm not so sure about my total budget for this project yet. But I'm going to be doing this overtime. I'm not rich or anything, would a Chevy 350 be a better deal? My car is kind of a daily driver. It doesn't get driven too much though. Pretty much to school, to the gym, and then home. About 10-20 miles a day. I am aware of the mpg decrease for both and I accept that. If the total LS1 conversion is still going into the about $3,000-$5,000 with the engine and transmission being $900, I'll go with the other engine.

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