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Most recently i picked up a 5.3l vortec for my 77 camaro project. I swapped the motor in with a ls1 swap kit, cranked it up and it ran....just like crap. I rebuilt the motor boring it ~100 over (really .098), custom 3.750 lightweight crank, LS6 heads, a street friendly 230/218 camshaft with 1.75:1 rockers.. It should be good for an easy 400hp at 9.1:1 compression but of course i can't leave it there. I had it built with low compression for the purpose of supercharging it.

The more and more i read i was swayed away from centrifugal superchargers, i want a positive displacement supercharger so that leaves me with two options. a twin screw type from whipple or a roots type from magnuson. I keep reading that they both have their pros and cons but i can't seem to come up with any solid research on the distinctions. If someone could help me out i would very much appreciate it

I should have been asking this a month ago because the shop is done with everything i've told them to do, now their waiting on me to make my final decision for the supercharger so they can do that install as well.

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