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i have a 1993 GMC safari awd van. the 4.3 vortec that's in there now just needs a new crankshaft but to just pull that out i have to remove the hole engine anyways. i haven't seen it done (minus youtube) but i have been told by many that i might as well drop a 350 in there, it will fit no problem there, cheep $$$, more power, not a big difference in efficiency, bolts up to 700r transmission and all accessories mounts are same, awd box can withstand a 350 engine no problem, and will help so much more with towing (class 4 trailer hitch i pull flatbeds trailers and boats), much much more to list. and its one of the simplest engine swaps out there. anyways i know ill have to get motor mounts from www.jagsthatrun.com , v8 a chip and new headers/manifold from a auto wrecker (anyone no what i should be looking for exactly, what other trucks have a 350tbi?) im pretty good with cars i know all the basics plus more. to my question now every where i see everyone put a ls1 350 engine in there astro van does it have to be a ls1 or will any 350 do (different mounts for block and accessories ?), what are the pros and cons of carb vs tbi, what year block range can i use for my 1993 awd (1990-1995?) and any other information would be great, it would all help. thank you

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