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I have a 1984 Mazda Rx-7 GSL, that I'm swapping driveline's in but I cannot make up my mind for the best of me.

First off let me say I'm more of a chevy man, although I do love the ford 302's 4" bore and 3" stroke combo.

If your not familer, visit this site. - www.grannysspeedshop.com -

The options are, Any Small Block Chevy V8 Except LS1, Any Small Block Ford V8, Any 60 degree Chevy V6.

The plan is for a T-56 6 speed manual tranny

Here's why I cannot make up my mind.

1. I have limited rear tire space, the max I'm going to be able to fit under the rear is a 26x9 maybe 26x10 if I can get the backspacing right, thats with the stock rear which will handle a good share of abuse or a ford 8.8" that will be swapped in soon.

2. The car will weigh around 2500 lbs with an iron headed sbc v8.

3. Torque is a great thing, but too much of it can also be a bad thing when it comes to traction......but then again rolling burnouts are cool!

Any input is greatly appreciated.


It's an FB by the way, 1st gen.

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