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Hey there a little food for thought :

Would you rather have a fast car whose outside appearance is stock with paint chipping off (example : An LS7 or a small 350 inside of the most perfect RX-7 or Miata chassis)...

Or would you rather have a show car that isn't fast? (It could sound and look however you want it to.)

In other words : Would you rather have a 10 second car that looks like crap (just the paint and it being stock) or a 14+ second car that only looks good?

Let's rule out price here... But a general rule of thumb : V8 swaps are more bang for the buck in terms of how much power you want for the amount of money you spend.

And "show cars" are (obviously) more bang for the buck in terms of how good you want to look.

...Which is why I say let's ignore the price tag.

Let's say you were given a choice of just one of them. Which would you choose?
Question 2 : How do you spend on your car?

Do you spend more on making it look good, or making it fast?

Do you spend more on having flashy things to show people when you open the hood, or do you spend more on trying to make your car run 11s or 10s on the drag?
Or maybe making it a competitive drift car?

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