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like every 1 with even older camaros like the thirdgens, 2nd gens, and firstgen do ls1 swaps but why? they have some cool azz engine out there any why put a new quite non musclular engine in to a muscle car? i dont like the sound of the ls's but i love carb's and even my 87 iroc-z's fuel injected tpi engine sounds like a carb so why dont ppl do those. i know tpi's arnt tht powerful of engines but if u get the proper componets they can get pretty dam powerful. also what do u think would be best to do for my iroc-z upgrade to a 350 fuel injected engine just not ls's and then make the tpi more free flowing or just get a 350 or 383 carb engine? thx!
or would a 327 tpi swap be better iv seen several cars with tht.

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