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Can a vortec 6.0 (like an LQ4 or LQ9) be converted to an LS2?

or i guess more specifically, i'd like to know the real differences between say, an LS1 LS2, Vortec 5.3 5.7 6.0 ??

vortecs are usually found in trucks, the others are found in camaros firebirds GTO's and vettes... that much is obvious... but.. here's my understanding.

you take an LS1, and put a different intake on it and maybe throttle body and it's an LS3 for a vette (of the time period)....

the GTO's had LS1 in them to start with then they upped the horse power and called it an LS2.. but as far as i know all of the parts are interchangable between those three motors. and as far as i know, all of those parts can be put into a vortec motor as well.......... right???????

long story short, i'd love to put an LS1 in my 3rd gen camaro, but i've got a REALLY good hookup on 5.3 or 6.0 vortec motors out of wrecked late model trucks, and, since i can get one for a fraction of the price of an LS1, i have no problem doing it. the issue however is, i'm not sure how to upgrade them, or what parts to buy, if they make parts specifically for those blocks.

i have a feeling i'll end up with an LQ9, which is a cast iron block, and is notorious for being able to hold SERIOUS horsepower upgrades, can be bored and stroked to something like 460 cubic inches etc etc etc...

but i dont know. i'd like a little clarification on this by someone who knows a lot about these motors..


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and if i can wat is the biggest engine i can put in it and how do i do it

Disclaimer: This site is a paid affiliate of eBay.com

Cool video about Ls1 Swap, have a look:

6.0 vortech lq9 swaped in place of 5.3,lifted newer tahoe frame with old body style chevy. This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Disclaimer: This site is a paid affiliate of eBay.com

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