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Picking up an '87 IROC camaro roller this weekend and I'm looking to do an LS1 swap with a T56 6 speed. My question(s):

1) Looking to do this as cheap as possible. I'll be doing it all myself. I have the skills needed to pull this off the right way, and I know I have a few options as far as donor motors go. I'm looking to spend less than $1K on the motor and less than $1K on the trans. I've been looking on craigslist and the prices there are a little up there for a motor. Might do Stand Alone EFI if the price is right. I'll be searching some junk yards in the weeks to come, But as far as online goes, what are some good sites to find donor motors that may need a little work, but for a good price? How about the T56 trans?

2) I know motor swaps are no easy task really, but this question is more for someone who's done it before. How much (EXCLUDING motor and trans cost) did it run you in parts as far as motor mounts, etc. go?

3) any other helpful tips?


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I wanted to drop a ls3 or ls2 , or maybe even a hemi dodge motor if possible into a nissan 350z . I know that the stock engines get around 19 mpg in the city and 24 on the highway . This car will be a daily drive . I want more power from a factor engine aswell . Will putting a bigger engine gain my gas millage at all since it is Double the power . If someone could ask my question that would be GREAT !!! Thanks !!!!

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a friend of mine has 2003 with vortec motor was told that the intake had to be timed upon replacement of gaskets dont understand why its timed by electronics?

Disclaimer: This site is a paid affiliate of eBay.com

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